2022 The Welland Canal is too small for supership navigation between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Should a new canal and lock system be constructed near Hamilton instead of Niagara?
WINNER: Expand Welland Canal
2029 Gold is discovered under Six Nations land. But the big question is should Hamilton Harbour be the location for the smelter? The decision is in the hands of the population who must weigh the costs and benefits of this big industrial development.
WINNER: Against the smelter
2036 Should Burlington and Grimsby merge with Hamilton?
WINNER: For the Municipal Merger
2043 Natural disaster hits the city: Will it come as an earthquake or as a flu epidemic?
WINNER: Flu Epidemic Preparedness
2050 Has technology-assisted learning progressed to the stage where schools have outlived their usefulness?
WINNER: Keep the school tradition going.
2057 Should the city ban cars in the city limits and replace roads and bridges with a mono-rail system?
WINNER: For the Monorail
2064 Do we invest in an expensive and somewhat unproven solar blanket to be stretched over the lower city or build a proven nuclear reactor to solve our energy needs in the future?
WINNER: For the Nuclear Reactor
2071 Should the voting age be lowered to age 13?
WINNER: Against lowering the voting age to 13
2078 Should the city use your tax dollars to fund the operation of a new institution to provide shelter and education for at-risk children from around the world?
WINNER: Against University of the Child
2085 Should the city make a bid to bring the Summer Olympics to Hamilton?
WINNER: In favour of the Summer Olympics coming to Hamilton
2092 What do you think the reaction will be to the news that contact has been made with an intelligent life form. Will the reaction be one of hope or fear?
WINNER: Extend warm greetings to aliens
2099 Should the Hamilton power authority shut down the Intra City Transport system or institute rolling blackouts on the municipal grid?
WINNER: Blackout
2106 Climate change has greatly reduced the level of Hamilton Harbour. Should the now much larger waterfront be developed or should the basin be refilled and artificially maintained as a man-made lake.
WINNER: Fill up the harbour and preserve it
2113 Are "super seniors" who have had reconstructive brain surgery mature enough to be allowed to vote?
WINNER: Restrict voting rights of so-called "super seniors"
2122 In the year 2122 pundit voting results named Hamilton as the new headquarters for the the amalgamated Super City. Hamilton has come a long way in the last 100 years and is now a bustling metropolis.
WINNER: Hamilton should be headquarters for supercity